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Fairway Alloys 2014 Golf Cart Wheel Collection

Posted on March 17 2014

Fairway Alloys has done it again, unleashing to the golf industry a collection of the best looking wheels and tires that compliment any golf cart, on or off the course.  Everyone here at Fairway Alloys appreciates the last 15 years of support and loyalty.  In an age of price wars, shady service and questionable warranties, it sure is nice to know that for over 15 years Fairway Alloys has provided industry leading service to millions of customers.  Our dedication to quality, service and warranty ensures customers, new and old, are confident that the wheels they own today will be guaranteed by the same company, year after year.  If you EVER have any questions, feel free to call us: 1-800-734-4890.  Purchase any style by visiting our golf cart wheel collection:

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