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10x7 FA141M Shift on 205-50x10 EFX Pro-Rider


(4) FA811 (4) FA141M

Product Details

Full Wheel and Tire Kit:

This sale is a for a complete set of FA141M Shift golf cart wheels mounted on a set of 205-50-10 EFX Pro-Rider Tires.  The sale includes all necessary accessories for complete, professional installation and a lifetime of beauty on any Golf Car, LSV or Electric Vehicle.  If you have any questions regarding the sale items below, please call us (800) 734 4890 so that we can help you. To ensure a proper fitment, please include your vehicle  make and model in your order.

Items included in this sale:
• (4) 10x7 Fairway Alloys FA141M Shift wheels
• (4) 205-50-10 (Bias)
• (4) Custom Wheel Caps
• (1) Installation Kit (valve stems, lugs nuts, socket)
• Professional mounting of wheels and tires
DOES NOT REQUIRE LIFT KIT - 30 minute installation

Additional specs wheels:

Wheel Brand:
Fairway Alloys  
Wheel Height x Width:
Wheel Offset:
Wheel Cap:
Wheel Finish:
Machined Gloss Black
Wheel Warranty:
Lifetime Structural / One-Year Finish
Additional specs tires:
Tire Brand:
EFX Performance Tires
Size: 205-50-10 4-ply bias
Engineering: Turf rated for sturdy, cushioned ride
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