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Radial Tires

Radial tire construction is recognized worldwide for its ability to deliver numerous benefits that bias-ply tires cannot. In the agricultural industry, radial technology delivers large benefits: Long tire life, Resistance to cuts, punctures and tears, Excellent traction, Improved handling and fuel economy & Smooth ride and operator comfort. Radial tire construction utilizes body ply cords extending from the beads and across the tread so that the cords are laid at approximately right angles to the center-line of the tread, and parallel to each other, as well as stabilizer belts directly beneath the tread. The belts may be cord or steel. The advantages of this construction include longer tread life, better steering control, and lower rolling resistance. Disadvantages of the radial tire include a harder ride at low speeds on rough roads and in the context of off-roading, decreased “self-cleaning” ability and lower grip ability at low speeds. To learn more about the differences between traditional biased ply tires and radial technology - check out the site post on our website blog: Tires Explained: Biased vs. Radial

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