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12x7 FA143 Rage on 215-50x12 EFX Pro-Rider


(4) FA814 (4) FA143M

Product Details

Full Wheel and Tire Kit:

This sale is a for a complete set of Fairway Alloys mounted on a set of EFX Tires.  The sale includes all necessary accessories for complete, professional installation and a lifetime of beauty.  If you have any questions regarding the sale items below, please call us (800) 734 4890 so that we can help you.

Items included in this sale:
• (4) 12x7 Fairway Alloys FA143M Rage wheels
• (4) 215-50-12 EFX Pro-Rider Tires
• (4) Custom Wheel Caps
• (1) Installation Kit (valve stems, lugs nuts, socket)
• Professional mounting of wheels and tires

Additional specs wheels:

Wheel Brand:
Fairway Alloys  
Wheel Height x Width:
Wheel Offset:
Wheel Cap:
Snap in
Wheel Finish:
Machined Gloss Black Paint
Wheel Warranty:
Lifetime Structural / One-Year Finish
Additional specs tires:
Tire Brand:
EFX Performance Tires
Engineering: Turf rated, sturdy cushioned ride
  • How to Install

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